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Whatsapp Marketing: Quick Guide For Beginners

December 15, 2021
Roshni Asati


Greetings, friends! WhatsApp was first introduced in India in mid-2010 and immediately became one of the most popular applications. This application changes the way people communicate, which was previously limited to phone conversations in most regions. It also provides end-to-end encryption. Which increases consumer trust in this application. With this short piece, we’ll show you how Whatsapp marketing may help your business.

What is Whatsapp Marketing?

Nowadays, marketers are using WhatsApp Messenger specifically for advanced advertising. It was made to be much more than a simple means of communication. Whatsapp marketing is messenger marketing in which you can promote your brand using WhatsApp. Brands are mainly using this platform for three main reasons:

  • To reach a big audience
  • Build strong customer relationships
  • Increase revenue

Marketing in WhatsApp tends to carry out in the same way as any other type of marketing. Now let us understand the working of WhatsApp as a business tool.

How is Whatsapp Marketing Working?

WhatsApp business messaging is flexible and effective communication. This platform can assist you in developing long-term relationships with your customers. As a result, advertising through this application is an essential element of your marketing efforts. That supports your customer experience goals and provides value at critical points in the customer journey.

Let us understand Whatsapp features as a marketing tool one by one.

A Reliable and Personal Channel

It’s all about gaining the hearts of your customers when it comes to marketing.

If you’re using WhatsApp to market your business. Then it allows firms to authenticate their messaging. Hence, some marketers are using WhatsApp to target promotions and updates.

Customers may also see when a company’s profile has been “confirmed”. This is similar to Twitter’s verified status and gives the business credibility. This also gives the customer a sense of security.

Sending messages to everyone ( including people unrelated to our product) is not the correct way, as we all know. So, you also agree with my point that to sell your product, you must first identify your target market. To keep track of this you need information that how many people are actually reading your message. So, now you must be thinking How we can do this through Whatsapp?

To make this clearer to you, let us now turn our attention to the next topic, which is statistics.

For Marketing Purposes, Whatsapp Provides Statistics

We will be able to obtain the exact outcomes with the use of statistics. In its business application, you can check messages for how many were sent, delivered. And who really opened and read by your audience. In this approach, WhatsApp marketing can assist you in identifying the audience.

We now understand the significance of engagement. A well-executed marketing plan produces engagement. This takes us to the third and final point to consider when it comes to WhatsApp marketing.

Provides Innovative Ways to Engage People

Tools can help you manage, automate, and respond to communications and inquiries more quickly. Using several forms of media to capture client attention is an effective strategy. Businesses can share original and other sorts of material via messaging, photographs to PDFs, gifs, and voice recordings to the user.

Furthermore, organizations utilize WhatsApp to sell their offerings to clients, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Youtube. WhatsApp, however, does not allow users to mass-market to strangers, unlike similar social media networks or even SMS systems.

However, this functionality hasn’t stopped people from promoting their products on the platform. Furthermore, it helps in increasing the faith amongst its users.  WhatsApp, on the other hand, limits you to 256 contacts per group and broadcast list.

Now, let us help you understand how Whatsapp bots overcome this limitation.

Bots for Marketing

A bot is a software program that you may create to do tasks independently. By sending messages as a direct WhatsApp message, your organization can directly market to an endless number of users.


Although Whatsapp business application is a new strategy to market your product. We advise you to keep in mind that, like a CRM or email marketing software. Make sure you are not using WhatsApp as your primary marketing tool. Instead, put it to good use to boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. And make it simple for individuals to connect with your business after taking action due to your marketing campaign.

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