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Importance of Keyword Research in Digital Marketing

November 27, 2021
Priya Bohra


Why it is a big deal to search for appropriate keywords for digital marketing and SEO writing? Keyword research is the main object of any writing pattern. It is the practice of researching common, industry-specific terms which will create traffic to your website. This is first and foremost important for any website to step in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Different types of keywords

The keyword strategy and SEO go hand in hand. If you want to give the best to your website, then you have to properly search-relevant keywords. The keywords which give you a high rating on your website. Even you are not friendly with the usage of keyword research. It is essential for every individual to educate themselves about the subject.

We will learn more about the search of keywords and their importance. And how it is useful for the growth of every website and business.

There are mainly three types of keywords research below

Generic keywords

These types of keywords are often 1-2 words in length and become difficult to get a good ranking. Unless you are in a niche market without any competition. For example, the best college or men’s leather jacket will consider as a
generic keyword.

It becomes quite difficult to rank high because there are numerous links to search on the generic keywords. However, these keywords do not have any specific qualifiers.

Due to their encircling nature, the generic keywords are helpful to give full support with the heading tags or the web page itself.

Broad Match Keyword

To become more specific, broad match keywords are more effective in the traffic of the website and it has less competition. For example, the best college in the Middle East or Best Men’s leather jacket in India will get few
results from the search engines as compared to generic keywords.

The broad match keyword is friendly keywords. They get more traffic as compared to other keywords because it has fewer competitors and it has a lower cost per click to save money.

Long Tail Keyword

Long Tail keywords are the best keywords that describe full strings. Have you ever tried to search which colleges are best for fashion? or which is the leather company for men’s? These are long-tail keywords. They are searched less and those who search in this manner, click on the relevant website.

It is quite similar to broad match keywords, these long-tail keywords have very little competition. Hence, it is easier to get a high ranking on the website.

It is important to do good research before adding some keywords to the SEO article.

Some of the best Keyword Research Tool

There are several keyword research tools out there online. And here I’ve listed out some of them.


SEMrush is the quickest way to check a summary of your keyword, it will give you information on monthly search volume, competition, appropriate keywords, and many more. If you are using it the first time, then SEMrush gives you an option to search 10 searches free per day.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is the most relevant and trustworthy keyword research tool because the dates come directly from Google. It is free to use, however, you just need to have a Google Ads account. Although Google Keyword planner is used for the Google Ads campaign, you can easily use the tool for your research.


KWFider is designed by the Mangools- the developer is best known for its keyword research tool. If you are a beginner it is the best tool to use. The KWFinder tool makes it easy to search keywords with low competition keywords.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

The Ahrefs keyword explorer is the best keyword research tool for content creators. This platform provides a keyword report to the user.

Growth Bar

Growth Bar is a great tool for the marketer and the bloggers. Bloggers who are in hurry want to rank high are suggested to choose Growth Bar tool. It also gives you an opportunity to explore competitor’s profile featuring.


Majestic is an all-in-one keyword research tool, to keep proper track of your website. It is the best tool for starters who are new to blogging or just involved in small-scale business. The best features of the Majestic are- All SEO features available in one tool, trustworthy and proper research competition on every keyword.

How to Select the Keyword ?

Create a keyword list

Ensure the keyword you select is relevant for the content

Always check the search volume

If there is low competition in search of keywords then it gives higher chance to the newcomer to rank high

Ready to know Keyword Research Analysis?

After selection, the research tool, the next step to take the business to the heights is to list out the important keywords to rank high. This is really tricky and critical to maintain the traffic and key the ratings high. To analyze the keywords, you have to do relevant homework.

  •  Volume of monthly research-  A monthly research volume is the average of times a keyword is used in the search bar to a given search engine
  • Cost per Click- This is also as important as other points because it shows how the keyword is important and worth it. Moreover, it will tell you how many clicks you get on the website.
  • Competition Scores- It shows, how many websites how already using this keyword and how difficult or easy it would be to work on those keywords and rank on search engine pages.

 Conclusion-Benefits of Keyword Research 

Overall, it is essential to do proper research on the content and it should resonate with the customers. It saves your budget and improves ROI by ensuring messages are backed by data. This helps the online business to appear often on the search engine and will boost the business. So, with better usage of the keywords and knowing your target audience you will get the best results for the business.

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